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Keynote Availability: 


Education Consultant: Craig has almost twenty years of experience in public education as an elementary school teacher and in educational policy. He has motivated and inspired students and various education groups across the state of South Carolina and the United States with his intense passion for education. He is sure to bring a new level of energy to your students and educators. He is available for district meetings, professional development, and other educational events.  


Cancer Survivor: Craig is a motivational speaker whose story of cancer survivorship is sure to capture, inspire, and motivate! Craig has traveled the state and country speaking to youth groups and organizations about his story of survival and how it made him into the person he is today.


Effective Classroom Management & Instructional Strategies


Classroom management is the most struggled area of the classroom and is one of the most important when it comes to educating young children. An effective classroom management plan allows teaching and learning to take place with minimal interruptions. Early childhood and elementary teachers often struggle with classroom management and this session will give participants practical yet effective solutions. Innovative and bold techniques will be given to new teachers struggling with classroom management. This session will also focus on the establishment of culture within the classroom and provide participants with two instructional strategies that benefit young children. These instructional strategies have a foundation of student involvement and responsibility. Book the Craig King Group today for this interactive session! 


Spider Sense Leadership Series


The Spider Sense Leadership Series is for K-12, college students, and adults. Mr. King infuses the superhero Spiderman's Spider Sense and the laws of leadership to engage participants in an innovative training of leadership principles. This series can be implemented as an ongoing program at a school or as a single leadership seminar for all organizations. Contact the Craig King Group, LLC if you are interested in the Spider Sense Leadership Series for your organization or school. 


Lego Robotics Camp


 Are you looking for a low cost, fun, and educational camp for your organization? The Lego Robotics Camp is a great introduction to math, science, and engineering. We provide the kits, technology, and all that is needed for the camp. Contact The Craig King Group, LLC if you are interested in the Lego Robotics Camp.

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