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Leap of Faith...

The Craig King Group, LLC….WOW ssaaaayyy it with me…THE CRAIG KING GROUP, LLC!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!

The CKG has been in the making for a long time. To be honest, the fear of the unknown prevented me from launching the CKG. My God, fiancé, family, and support system all played a part in getting the CKG off the ground. My consulting experiences have been in existence for years but I never organized it. I was comfortable being average but now plan on being extraordinary because I’m taking a “Leap of Faith” so my parachute can open. Your parachute won’t open unless you jump!

Comfort zones aren’t necessarily bad places. Many good things came from my comfort zone but didn’t produce the quality of fruit worthy of the gift inside me. I look at the successes of my comfort zone as sprouting seeds. I don’t regret being in my comfort zone because it has been preparing me for the CKG. My travels across the state of South Carolina and the country have been preparing me for this moment. My excitement is hard to contain and my desire to share what God has placed in me is unexplainable.

I challenge you to acknowledge your comfort zone and own it. Don’t deny or feel ashamed of it. It’s all part of the process. If you have dreams of doing anything, believe me, it is possible. The CKG is all about empowerment and bringing about the change I wish to see. In the words of the late Great Mr. John Bassard of Manning, SC……”It’s just that simple”. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND SHARE!!!

P.S. – Check out this video of Steve Harvey speaking about “jumping” aka “taking the Leap of Faith”. It’s worth the watch.

Much Love,


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