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Measuring Your Life Print...

Is success quantifiable? Is there a limit on success? What is the road map for success? When can we say "AHHHHH HAAHHH, I'm successful?” I think I have figured it out.... Well at least I think I have. :-) First, you can't measure success. Let me back pedal a little. If you want to measure success by scoring a certain grade on a test or saying you want to raise $100 to accomplish a fundraising goal, then you can measure success from that vantage point.

The success I am referring to is somewhat abstract, sort of like influence or what I would like to call your life print. Your life print is the influence you possess and how your presence impacts everything and everyone around you. There is no way to quantify or measure the amount of influence someone has. Success to me is influence. John Maxwell, said “Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.” Success in life is leaving a life print on the human heart that will be shared with generations after you leave Earth. The cool aspect of your life print and influence is you may or may not get the credit for providing them to others. This is the price of having a significant life print, meaningful influence, and true success. I endorse this way of thinking, but let me first clarify my position because I don’t want to be misunderstood. If you create an awesome product or idea, you should definitely get credit and be compensated for it. However, allow your thinking to wonder to the abstract world for just a moment.

My crazy desire is to have an influence and life print in the lives of those I come in contact with that reaches areas of the globe I have never visited and impact people I have never seen. Positive influence or your life print should become a butterfly effect that causes ripples of positivity throughout the human race. True success is abstract, invisible, and unquantifiable and is the success I want! There is nothing wrong with acquiring material wealth, but influential wealth leaves a life print that can’t be undone by a crashing stock market or recession. Ask yourself, what is my life print? Much Love, Craig

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