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The Glory is in You

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The first time I listened to the Interlude, The Glory Is In You by Master P on Solange’s album, A Seat at the Table; I paused the track and played it again. I immediately thought it was simplistic, yet profoundly true. The Glory is in You is a POWERFUL statement. Some will see this declaration as self-serving, but I see it totally different. Finding the glory in ourselves first is the only way to spread it outwardly in an authentic manner.

It’s easy to get clouded in finding glory in other things. Of course, we should find glory in God and loved ones, but we should also find it in ourselves. We have to be intentional about finding our inner glory by taking time to be alone. When was the last time you turned off the distractions and focused solely on yourself? In order for your light to saturate the world, you must first understand what makes it turn on. You can’t spread what you haven’t identified first. I think my late father, Thomas E. King mastered this ability. I often thought,

“How was this giant of a man able to consistently have thought-provoking and sound guidance with every conversation I had with him or with others?”

Of course, my father was a man of faith and downloaded his profound intellect from God. Yes, he had an amazing upbringing with two loving parents. Additionally, he also understood the power of identifying his special and unique glory from within. He absolutely knew he couldn’t provide immense beauty to the world without identifying his personal beauty first. I think most of the great influencers and leaders of past and present implemented this principle in their daily walk. How do they consistently find ways to influence the masses with steady streams of positivity and love? They have found the glory within themselves. They have used that glory and transformed it into love and impactful leadership. Think about that leader or person in your life that does that.

I want to encourage all of you reading this to make time to find your glory. Yes, read books, attend conferences, and follow the leaders in the profession in which you do work. However, you have to find that aspect of your being that makes you authentic and find glory in that. It will encompass some of the ideas and belief systems of others, but ultimately, you have to find the glory within you. This will make your natural qualities as a remarkable leader and influencer shine without effort. Take the time to explore and get lost within yourself. I promise what you end up giving the world after doing this will exceed your expectations. In turn, you will make the world a much better place. Remember, "The Glory is in You."

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