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Salmon Run! Start Running...well Swimming

When was the last time you participated in a salmon run? Some of you now have a vision of salmon attempting to run and are wondering, what in the world is Craig blabbering about now? You may also be thinking, “salmon don’t run Craig, they swim." You are correct, so let me explain. I am currently reading a book by Simon Bailey entitled “Shift Your Brilliance” in preparation for the Clarity Bootcamp I am co-hosting with Kim and Terrell Smith of The Positivity Academy, LLC on October 29th (Shamless Plug: Register Today for your Spot). In the book, he makes reference to salmon by stating “release your inner salmon." This immediately caught my attention and made me do a little research on salmon. I wanted more information on what releasing my inner salmon looked like. In my research, I found during a “salmon run”, groups of determined salmon swim upstream. In a nutshell, salmon swim in from the ocean/sea towards rivers where their lives began to spawn their eggs. They instinctively know this is the only place where they can lay eggs in order for the eggs to have chance at survival.

There are so many life and leadership lessons wrapped up in this. One specific lesson stuck out to me. One I was never aware of before. I have always been amazed when I saw videos of salmon swimming upstream and jumping out of the water but never understood why. Salmon swim upstream in search of fertile ground. I pose this question to you.

What vision is inside of you that you need to carry to fertile ground?

What new idea or product do you have that you are keeping at sea away from fertile ground? You see, salmon accumulate most of their mass at sea and only return to rivers to lay eggs. Many of us have lived our lives and had multiple experiences that have caused some amazing things to happen within us. Some of those experiences are things we keep to ourselves but are crucial to what we want to accomplish in life. These experiences have caused purpose and vision to grow inside of us. These experiences have a direct correlation to our purpose and dreams. Many of us, myself included, have sat on so many eggs that needed to be laid upstream on fertile ground, but fear kept us from swimming upstream.

When salmon are swimming upstream, it is not an easy trip. They fight forceful currents and predators anxious to end their purpose.

This example means there are people and things on the path upstream who are ready to take you out. However, you know the tools you need to get where you need to be. I think our dreams are worth the effort. Don’t you? Greatness comes at a price. Greatness comes from sacrifice and obedience. Greatness requires difficult paths. I want to encourage you to approach your dreams like the salmon approaches its instinctive nature to swim upstream to deliver purpose. One characteristic salmon have while swimming upstream is clarity. Salmon have a clear vision of their purpose and what depends upon it. There is no confusion on why they need to swim upstream which brings me to my next point.

Salmon understand sacrifice.

Salmon sacrifice their lives to ensure the next generation keeps living out their purpose. THAT. IS. POWERFUL. Your purpose is more about serving others than it is about YOU. Don’t let the fear of swimming upstream stop you from reaching the place where you need to birth your dreams. Understand that birthing your dreams downstream will cause them to die before they even have a chance. Find out where your fertile ground is for your purpose and get to swimming. The world is depending on it.

Thanks for reading.


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