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Are You Ready to Become a Meme?

Yes, I know this picture is scary, but I needed something to grab your attention. Now that I have it, LET'S GET TO IT!

As I was traveling to my strategic meeting with Terrell and Kim Smith regarding our Clarity Boot Camp happening on October 29, 2016, I began to ponder a few things. So many people including myself want to be successful. We want to make a positive change in our lives and in the lives of others. We have passions that motivate us to continue to reach our dreams. The apex of greatness is the aim for us and improving the quality of life of others is vital to our purpose. For many of us, we experience small wins along the way. However, as we grow in business and in our personal brand, we will ultimately become part of something that has taken over our society.

Memes! Yes, memes have taken over our lives. They have completely saturated social media and daily conversations with family and friends. Memes represent everything with some type of influence in our lives; family, business, sports, faith, music, entertainment, etc. The premise of memes has been around since the beginning of time. Society has always associated a word or catch phrase with an image of a person. Memes have just captivated us in a revolutionary way. Couple that with the power of social media, and you have internet sensations over night.

As I continued to drive to the Smith’s residence, I had the thought. “Am I ready to become a meme?” Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not arrogant or self absorbed. This is not what his post is about. It’s about preparing all of us for what is already being talked about behind closed doors and will eventually be made public. With success, comes target practice for those who don’t understand our vision, dreams, and purpose. We all need to be prepared to be known outside of our immediate family and friends. As I thought about the Clarity Boot Camp we are preparing for, I thought about the lives we are going to change and wonder if the participants are ready to become a meme when they find clarity in their purpose? You see, clarity removes roadblocks that detour us from our purpose in life. I also began to think about those who won’t attend, but who are passionately pursuing greatness and had the following thought.

{"Becoming a meme comes without permission. The lives we live will ultimately dictate the type of memes created by others. The unbelievable and sometimes gut wrenching part about that is negative memes will come from positive actions."}

Huh? Yes, you read that right. Some people will see our good and create negative memes from it. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to become a meme for doing amazing things?

The "crying Jordan face" meme will probably last forever because whenever a team or individual loses a sporting event, the social media world crops the “crying Jordan face” on everyone who loses. We get a laugh out of it, but the fact that this meme is still going strong shows you the level of influence Michael Jordan still has. Are you ready for your business to reach that level of influence? When it does, you can be certain memes will start popping up when you make a mistake or when you are successful. You may even be fortunate enough to have the "crying Jordan face". See a couple of memes below with the “crying Jordan face” and see if you can recognize the athlete.

As I thought about how quickly people of notoriety and normal everyday people become meme sensations over night, it made me think about it from a business perspective. My personal goal is to impact as many people as I can with the time I have on Earth with the Craig King Group. With success, comes those who love what you do and those who will not. Both groups of people will possibly make a meme with your face attached to it in their minds or with a meme app. Guess what? Both will be shared by word of mouth and/or social media. As leaders confident in our abilities, we have to remain steadfast to our vision, dreams, and purpose. Positive and negative memes can offer a distraction that can remove us from the course. If someone made a meme of you in a positive light, you would probably get a good laugh and relish in the moment. You may even share it with your friends. What if it was negative? Clarity in your purpose is the answer.

{"This is why having clarity is so important. Clarity makes your vision clear and keeps distractions in your rear view mirror."}

Below are a few of my good friends who don’t get distracted by memes that could possibly be created about them because they are focused on purpose. The memes below represent some of the possible negative thoughts that may be said about them. However, my friends don’t care because they all have clarity in their purpose and vision.

Make sure to check out my friends' respective websites. They are doing some amazing things in the community and in business. Please support them!

Kim & Terrell Smith

Kyle Greene

Curt Thomas

LaRosha Paul

Isaac Wilson

Tim Bowers

Shameless Plug: If you are ready to continue on the path to changing the world with your business or brand, I personally invite you to the Clarity Bootcamp happening on October 29, 2016. Kim & Terrell Smith of The Positivity Academy and I are ready to help you find clarity in the various areas of your life and then guide you down the path of shifting your brilliance. Register today!

Thanks for reading. Please comment and share!

Much love,


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