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Selfless Ambition

When I think of all the people I admire and strive to model my life after, they all have one attribute, Ambition. Ambition is something that can be learned and most definitely taught. My most reliable teacher of ambition in life has been life experiences. My ambition to serve and contribute to society came over time. There wasn't a single moment when my ambition was established. My failures, disappointments, and successes collectively woven together contributed to my ambition to be great and do great things. Being great is not a sum of personal accomplishments and accolades fueled by selfish ambition. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.” This quote is the definition of greatness and of ambitious tenacity that aims to serve the people. In response, this greatness elevates people to levels unimaginable and saturates their lives with love and respect. My personal source of ambition stems from the desire to serve others. For me, losing sight of helping others is also losing sight of my source of ambition.

We all have our personal source of ambition that causes us to put in work to reach our dreams. A personal audit of your source of anything is a good practice to keep you aligned with whatever goals you have for yourself. Ultimately, I feel, the goal of having ambition should be allowing people we interact with to "WIN" in life.

Winning is not about one person making it to the mountain top of success. Think about it, a “mountain top” is narrow…There isn't much room for anything. My experiences have shown me the true “mountain top” of success is not narrow but is actually an unlimited space available to anyone who has a strong desire to reach it! The ability to elevate and inspire others is the true definition of winning and is the breeding ground for cultivating selfless ambition. Every time a teacher leader inspires educators to look at teaching and classroom management differently, “We Win” as a society and our students benefit! Every time future leaders soak up leadership principles from experts in the field and in turn truly understand the role of their influence, “We Win” as a society. "We Win" when we understand our role in enhancing the quality of life for every single human being we come in contact with. When we do this, we bring value to the purpose of this gift we call life, which is to serve. Ask yourself..... What are you doing to cultivate your ambition? How is your selfless ambition enhancing the lives of others? Is your ambition to “Win” selfish or selfless?

Take a listen to Maxwell's song "Help Somebody"...Simple yet powerful way to demonstrate your selfless ambition. Please leave a comment and share with your friends. Much Love, Craig

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